s2023e014: Desert Storm War Memorial/Ghost Town Rush, AR/Fort Larned National Historic Site
s2023e013: Miss Baker Marker/Indian Creek Cememtery/Johnny Cash Boyhood Home
s2023e011: Rock City Gardens
s2023e010: Virginia Beach/Naval Aviation Memorial/Maggie L. Walker Historic Site/29 Ton Granite Ball
s2023e009: Dale City, VA/Norfolk International Airport/Grace Sherwood Statue
s2023e008: Newark Liberty International Airport/Coffee Talk/McGogney School
s2023e007: Coffee Talk/Metallica Pop-Up Store/Metallica Show
s2023e006: Synchronicities/Fatal Attraction Filming Locations/Times Square Manhattan, NY
s2023e005: United Flight 93 Memorial
s2023e004: Liberty Township/Countrymen Cemetery/Serpent Mound
s2023e003: Mount Olivet Cemetery/Rocky Fork Campground/Chapel In The Woods
s2023e002: Change Of Plans/Allanson's Park Campground/Purple Rain Lake Minnetonka Filming Location
s2023e001: Road Trip Preview